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Volunteer With FDS



The Board of Trustees recognizes that volunteer assistance in the school can enrich the education program, increase supervision of students, and contribute to school safety while strengthening the school's relationships with the community. The Board encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with students. Foresthill Union School District believes that the security of students is of utmost importance in the maintenance of safe learning environments.


  • Applicants will complete a Volunteer Information
  • Applicants must obtain fingerprint clearance through the Department of Justice (DOJ). (Fingerprinting expenses are the responsibility of the volunteer.)
  • Applicants will submit a copy of their valid driver's license or identification
  • Applicants must submit evidence that they are free from active tuberculosis and will bear the testing cost, if necessary.
  • Final approval by District Superintendent (after requirements 1 - 4 are met).
Fingerprint clearances do not need to be renewed annually. This information cannot be shared with any other agencies, organizations, or schools.
The following ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS apply to those who wish to transport students and/or have their student transported by a Cleared Volunteer during school sponsored events:
  • Cleared Volunteer will complete the Volunteer Driver Information
  • Cleared Volunteer will submit a photocopy of his/her insurance "declarations page" indicating the expiration date and the coverage limits as described in the Volunteer Driver Information This information will need to be updated each school year and/or upon expiration of insurance policy.
  • Cleared Volunteer will submit a copy of their valid Driver's License.
  • Cleared Volunteer will submit a copy of a current driving record obtained from DMV (
All students to be transported by a Cleared Volunteer shall provide the school office with a completed Parent/Guardian Authorization for Child to be Transported by an Authorized Private Driver Form.

Guidelines for Volunteers:

Individuals volunteering to assist with campus activities must:
  • Sign in at the school office
  • Share valid personal identification prior to supervising or working with students and driving on field trips; and
  • Wear a volunteer identification badge or sticker while on
Resources and Questions:
BP/AR 1240 Community Relations-Volunteer Assistance
ARIE 3541.1 Business and Noninstructional Operations-Transportation for School-Related Trips
The required necessary paperwork for volunteering and/or transporting students is available on our website or it can be picked up at the school or district offices. For confidentiality reasons, please RETURN the completed paperwork and required documents to the School Office Staff directly.
If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact the school office at (530) 367-3782 or the district office at (530) 367-2966, Ext. 104.
Thank you for your compliance and understanding in this important matter.