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Student Council

The objective of the student council is to represent the whole student body in all matters pertaining to the betterment of our school.
· To foster communication among students, administrators, staff, and the community.
· To promote, organize and execute activities that encourage student pride, school spirit and a positive campus culture.
· To install democratic ideals, provide an outlet for student expression, and a forum for aiding in the solution of school problems.
The student council is selected by means of a student body vote and volunteers. Applications for student council positions are available in the office. Applicants are encouraged to campaign for themselves by explaining to their peers how they wish to support the school and the student body as a whole.
The following positions are available: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Spirit Commissioner, and class representatives.
General Requirements for Student Council include:
  • To participate, students must maintain a 2.0 average with no “F’s” on the last official report card or official progress report. If grades slip below a C average, or an “F” is received for a grading period, student will be restricted from all activities until the average is brought up to a “C” and/or the "F" has been raised.   
  • Student Council must follow school behavior rules to participate. 
  • Students must attend school the day
If you have any questions contact:
Student Advisor
Stacy Stroup
Family Movie Night!

Family Movie Night!

Movie night was sparked by our amazing Student Council. Join us in this wonderful evening event as we watch 'The Grinch' and enjoy popcorn. Below you will find the sign up form along with more details about the event!
 9 Codes: Being a Mountain Lion

 9 Codes: Being a Mountain Lion

1. We lend a helping hand.
2. We are able to ask for help.
3. We get involved in school activities.
4. We are responsible for our actions.
5. We strive to be the best version of ourselves.
6. We leave things better than we found them.
7. We have empathy.
8. We are kind to everyone.
9. We have grit.